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The easiest way to get a magazine tan effect.

Step1. Open your photo. Here's the one I've used:

Step 2:
Duplicate the Layer. (When you want to manipulate a photo to a higher level, it is always a good thing to keep a back-up, because you never know how the result it's going to be like:D.)
You do this by right-clicking your layer and choosing "Duplicate Layer" Option.

Step 3:
Press Q to activate the Edit in Quick Mask Mode.

Step 4:
Select a soft round 40px brush, and paint the face area, avoinding the mouth, eyes ad eyebrows area.

After performing this action,you should have something like this:

Step 5:
Press "Q" and Ctrl+Shift+I to select the area we need. 

Step 6:
Press Ctrl+M to bring the Adjustments Panel on screen. Use these settings:

Step 7: Keep the area selected and go to Filter -> Noise -> Median.. and use these settings.:

Step 8: Repeat the Step 5 & 6 for the mouth and eyebrows area, but use bit more higher values.

Step 9: Change your layer blend mode to Hard Light and the Opacity to 80 and your done.

My final result:

Hope its useful.Cheers!

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