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How to create a Retro Poster using Photoshop

Hello boys’n’girls. Today I am going to show how to create an outstanding(geez is so overused this word), or maybe lets just call it COOL retro poster. The best part of it – it’s very easy.
So let’s get started shall we?

First things first. This is what we are struggling for:

Nice huh?
Ok . Launch your Photoshop and create a 500x500px new Photoshop document, and fill it in with #FFFFFF (White).
Create a new layer and pick up a BIG soft rounded brush; set the Foreground Color to a nice bright grey.
Click once with your brush in the center of your canvas.
Go to Filter->Pixelate->Color Halftone and use these settings:

Press Ok and set its Opacity to 33%.

Grab the Text Tool, set the Foreground Color to #ff7623.
I’ve chosen for this example Gill Sans Ultra Bold with 190px.
Add some text in the center of you canvas and open the Blending Options panel.
Apply a 24px outside stroke using #000000 and a Drop Shadow filter with the default settings.
This is how your canvas should look like:

Now download a flower brush and load it to Photoshop ‘s preset brushes.
Create a new layer and place it under the other layers.
Use black&orange to draw several flowers around your text. I’ve only used 2 brushes and just once each.
I don’t know for sure but I think they are downloaded from – great website with lots of awesome resources.

The next and the last step:
Duplicate your halftone layer(the first layer created) and place it on top of all layers:

Now hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the text’s layer thumbnail.
With your duplicate of the halftone still selected, press CTRL +SHIFT +I to select inverse, and hit delete.
Done. Now your canvas should look like this:

Hope this was useful. For any questions about “how to?” or anything else please leave a comment.
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