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Beautiful Clean Online Store Layout. Part IV.

You can read all the tutorial! Check out the parts A,B,C,D! ENJOY!

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Hello my friends. In this tutorial I will show you how to finish that beautiful clean online store layout, started a few weeks ago. I apologise for the delay but I’ve been working on some other..stuffJ
So,..this is the final version :

So far we have created

And now..the final partJ
Let s get started!
So open your Photoshop file.
First part to be created will be the upper part:

Pick up the Text Tool.
Set the foreground color to # a31313, and the Text Tool to Arial, Regular, 18px, Strong
and write Prom Fashion.
Next raw of text : Arial / Regular / 14px / Strong / # 9f9f9f.
Open a picture and place it right below the text : the Text Tool againJ and add the following, right below your picture:
10$ ONLY using the following settings:
ARIAL / BLACK/38px/Strong/# fe6600.
Below this text create a # 6da92c rectangle, and over it place “Shop Now > > ” using the next settings for the Text Tool:
Arial/Regular/18px/Strong/# 9e0d0f.
Repeat the steps above until you achieve something like this:

To create the right upper part which is :

follow the same steps, and add on top of the text&picture a ##ff600 rectangular, and place over it a suggestive title – as WOW DEALS – using ARIAL/BLACK/38px/Strong/# 6da92c as settings for the Text Tool.
To create the bottom part which is :

you will need a nice butterfly brush. You can get them for free at – there are plenty of them - .
So create a white rectangle, and add a 3 px # Outside Stroke, in the Blending Option Panel.
Next thing to do is to grab your butterfly brush, set the foreground color to # 3698a9, and gently aply it on your new created rectangle as shown:

Tip If you want to obtain that nice fading effect too, then grab a soft rounded brush for your eraser, set the opacity to 12%, and gently start erasing areas of your butterfly!
Grab the Text Tool again and write down some suggestive title using the following settings:
Arial/Regular/24px/Strong/# 67a028.

Now grab the Rectangle Tool(U), and draw a nice little rectangle.
The color doesn’t matter because we will apply immediately some settings to it:

And a 3px inside Stroke using # 538a19.
The result:

Now over this lastly created glossy button, place a “SHOP NOW” text, using ARIAL/BLACK.
Insert a picture on the right side of your glossy button.
Set the Foreground Color to #ff600, and pick up the Seal Custom Shape Tool (U).
Draw a seal over the  bottom-left corner of your picture, and add some text over it too.
The result:

Again, if you haven’t read the previous tutorials yet, you can find them HERE (Part A), HERE (Part B) and HERE (Part C ), or of course on the main vertical menu in left top corner of my blog.
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Ok guys that is all...Thx for reading my blog.

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