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Fresh Awesome Header Photoshop Tutorial

The final result:

Hello fellows. Today I am going to teach how to create a colorful nice website layout.
§  The layers are being filled with the Paint Bucket Tool (G).
§  When using the Rectangle Tool and Rounded Rectangle Tool while following this tut, make sure you have the “Shape Layers” Option on.

There we go!
Create a new 1024x768 px new Photoshop document.
Fill it with gradient.

Create a new layer. Using the Marquee Tool (M), create a rectangle and fill it with gradient. Place it as shown.

Create a new layer. Using the Marquee Tool (M), create a rectangle and fill it with #056999. Apply a Drop Shadow Filter, using default settings. You should have something like this:

Duplicate the layer, and fill it with # e6e6e6. Place it as shown:

Let’s create the logo:
Select the rectangle tool, and the foreground color to #ffa500.
Right click on the new created layer, and select rasterize.
Set layer’s opacity to 60%.
Duplicate the layer twice, and move the 3 layers as shown. (Rotate them by selecting Marquee Tool (M) -> Right Click -> Free Transform).

Add the writing :

Specifications :
§  Great :  Segoe Print :: Bold :: 30pt :: Strong :: #2dc7f4;
§  Tutorials : Segoe UI :: Regular :: 30pt :: Strong :: # d78106;
§  All you need at a click : Segoe Print :: Bold :: 18pt :: Strong :: # d9dddf;

The Search Box
Grab the Rounded Rectangle Shape Tool (U). Select the radius to 20 px, set the foreground color to # 981515, and draw something like this:

Right click on the new created layer and click Rasterize Layer.
Now grab the Rectangle Tool Shape (U). Set the foreground color to # d5d5d5 . Draw a shape inside your previous created shape.

Open the blending mod Panel. Apply the following styles to this last layer:
§  Inner Shadow with default settings;
§  1px outside Stroke, using # 870000;
Add the checkboxes. Draw a little white square, and add a 1px outside Stroke style. Duplicate it several times, and place them as shown, using the Move Tool (V):

Add some text:
I’ve used 18 px Bold Arial, and 14px for the word “Search”.

For “Search a tutorial here..” I’ve used Segoe UI, Regular, 12pt, Strong, # 565656.
Now add the main menu:

Font Used: Segoe Print, Bold, 18pt, Strong, # ffffff.
Create a new layer. Grab the Marquee Tool (M), set the foreground color to # d78106, and draw a little rectangle above the menu, as shown.

Lets start drawing the header. I will first show the picture so you know what needs to be done, and after I will describe how is done.

Create a new layer. Grab the Marquee Tool (M), and create a rectangle, and the one above.
Fill it with any color you want, so the layer become editable. Now with it still selected, select 2/3 of its width (for the purple area) and fill it with # 2d035c. Now select the remaining area and fill it with # d78106.
Beginner Tip : When selecting the part of the layer, it is OK to go outside the layer’s border with the selection, as long as when having the Paint Bucket Tool selected (G), you will click inside the layer.

Apply a 1px # 989898 outside Stroke style to your layer.
Open some pictures with other Photoshop Layouts, rotate them and place them as shown.
Tip: To delete the non needed areas, click on your previous selected layer while holding Ctrl. This will select the layer area. Ctrl+Shift+I (Invert Selection), and with the Photoshop layout layer selected, hit Delete. Do it for every layout if you use more than one.
You can get mine from here and here.

The Login Box:

Create new layer. Use the marquee tool (M) to create a rectangle as shown, and fill it with gradient using the colors I’ve written on the picture.
Apply a 1px outside Stroke using # 801111.
Now select a little portion of your rectangle and hit delete.

This is how the upper side is going to look like:

The Text settings I’ve used:
§  Not yet a member: Segoe UI, Regular, 14pt, Strong, #FFFFFF;
§  Sign Up : Segoe UI, Bold, 14pt, Regular, #FFFFFF;
In order to create the button you have to:
§  Create the rectangle (U) using a random color as foreground color.
§  Rasterize the layer.
§  Apply to your new created layer the following settings:

Create a new layer. Create a new shape as the following one using the Pen Tool (P),Right-Click-> Make Selection and fill it with #318ab4

Place it of course as shown in the picture above. 
Select this layer and the previous one and press Ctrl G to create a Group.
This is the bottom side :

In order to achieve this, duplicate the group created at the previous step, to use it as a Submit button.
The Username and Password fields:
Create a rectangle using Rectangle Tool Shape, and the foreground color set to #d5d5d5. Rasterize layer.
Apply the following settings:
§  Inner Shadow with default settings;
§  1px Outside #870000 Stroke.
Duplicate it to create the both fields. Place them one above the other as shown. Write down the text.
Now draw this little triangle using #870000 as foreground color:
You can use the Pen Tool to create it.

Add some text in the right column. The colors used are written in the picture:

The titles are white, and the lines are #c3c3c3, drawn with a 1px width Line Tool (U).

My result :

I know it is kinda sketchy, so for any questions you have, don't hesitate to post a comment.Don’t forget to share itJ Thanks!

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