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How to change hair color.

Hey guys. This is my very first tutorial, so I have chosen a widespread, easy and very useful topic: How to change hair color. I am going to use Alecia's Moore picture - my favourite :-).
Ok so let's get this started!
First thing to do is opening the photo.

  • launch Photoshop. 
  • press CTRL+O [the open window will show-up]
  • browse folders, select your pic and press "Open"

Second thing to do is to mark the hair area. We are going to do this using the "Edit in Quick Mask mode" option.[shortcut Q]. So press Q to select the option. 

Now select the 9px Soft Round Brush and start painting the hair area. After performing this action, you should get something like this:

Next step: press Q for selection, and after press CTRL SHIFT I(Select Inverse).
Now Go to Image -> Adjustments-> Curves or you can use the shortcut Ctrl+M.
Now play around with the values until you get the desired result.
This is my final result:


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