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How To Create a Perfect Reflection Using Photoshop

Hello folks. Today I am going to show you how to create a perfect reflection effect using Photoshop.

Create a new 1000 x 1000px Photoshop file.
Grab the Text Tool (T) and type whatever you want in your canvas. The font used in my example is Arabic Typesetting + 302px + Strong.
Optional !
Open  the Blending Options Panel and apply a gradient to your text. Check out the settings below:

Now duplicate the layer and name it Reflection. Ctrl T to bring Free Transform option on!
Type “– 100” in the Height field in order to turn your layer upside down:

Grab the Move Tool(V)  and move your layer below the first one as shown:

If you have also used a gradient, open up the Blending Options Panel and check “Reverse” .
Next step: add vector mask to your “Reflection” layer. How do we do that? Very simple!
Click on the “Add vector mask” button :

Grab the gradient  tool –  it has to be set for black & white.
Holding  down the “Shift” key, drag your cursor from bottom to top over your layer. Now lower layer’s opacity to 50% and you re done J
My result :

That’s it!
Hope this was useful. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and/or become  fan on Facebook to find out when more tutorials are being published.
Thanks for reading my blog!!
xx Ela

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