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How to draw a Christmas Tree.for a Christmas card!

Hello guys. Because the Christmas is near, I want to show you how to draw a little piece of it: a Christmas TreeJ
Create  a new 250x350 px Photoshop document. Fill it with gradient. Use these settings:  

With the help of the pen tool (P), draw a shape like this one:

Set  your brush size to 9px and make sure it’s a hard brush selected. Create New Layer.Pres P again(or select the pen tool), right click -> Stroke Path->Brush. Make sure you have the “Simulate Pressure” checkbox, checked. Ok.
Now use your Smudge Tool (R), and try to obtain something like this:

Repeating the same steps, draw to more shapes, and smudge them like this:

TIP: If you need/want more accuracy  draw shapes with the pen tool, and stroke the path with a low sized eraser, with the Simulate Pressure checkbox active.
Every shape must be placed below the previous one. (Check the final version!)
Let’s draw a stack:
First thing to do is drawing a white rectangle, using the rectangle tool. Like this:

Right-click, rasterize the layer, and smudge it like this:

Let’s add some glowing starsJ:
Draw a little line with the pen tool:

Create a new layer.
Using a 2px hard brush, stroke your path.  Simulate Pressure checkbox active.
Duplicate the Layer. Select the Marquee Tool(M)->Right click -> Free Transform, and rotate your layer, to be perpendicular on the previous layer. Like this:
Ctrl+E to emerge the two layers, open the Blending Option window, and apply an Outer Glow filter, with the default settings. Duplicate this layer several times, rotate each of them in different angles, increase and decrease their size, and place them like this:

Select the Custom Shape Tool (U), and select the 5 Point Star.

Make sure you have the “Shape Layers” option selected.

 Using white as a foreground color, draw a star:

Apply an Outer Glow effect, with the default settings.

Place the star on top of your Christmas tree.
And you are doneJ
Check up on my result:

Share it if you like it. Cheers! 12.jpg12.jpg
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