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How to draw snow in Photoshop

I keep receiving emails about how I should try to post more tutorials for beginners..well then..I am posting this simple tutorial about how to create realistic(more or less) snow using PS.
Ok first thing I did was to open a picture with a  winter forest. This one:

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File->Open-> Browse for your pic->Open.
Creating the snow:
1.    Pick up a 100px hard round brush; the shortcut for the Brush Tool is ,,B’’
2.    Select the Foreground color to #777d97.
3.    Create a new Layer pressing Ctrl+Shift+N->Ok;
4.    Draw something like this:

5.    Using the Dodge&Burn Tools, try to create some shadows on your layer.

Photoshop is 80% about your imagination, so try to actually picture the snow, and where the light-spots and the shadows should be. 
6.    Now try to unpolish a bit the edges using the Smudge Tool:

This is my result:

Please don’t hate..As I said this is a very quick tip, for Beginners.
Hope you’ll enjoy it and..have fun trying itJ
And remember: :D Photoshop is 90% your imagination, so play around with the Burn and Dodge tools until you get the needed effect. And, to make it more realistic, repeating the steps, create some other hills in the background. If you want to do this, place them behind the one already created. You can do that by dragging the Layer under our already created ones:) Like this:

Hope you can make heads and tails out of my last phrase:)))
If you want, you can add some snow flakes, using a snowflake brush. Google it. The internet is filled with them:) I've got mine from here:
My result:


Sorry about the clock..I'm running out of time to remove it;)

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