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Spa Website Layout. Photoshop Tutorial.

Beginner Tutorial.
Hey guys. This tutorial will teach you how to create an easy nice spa  layout.
Create the new Photoshop document and fill it in with #bee3e7.
Create a new layer.Using the Marquee Tool(M) draw a smaller rectangle as shown in the picture, and fill it in with #074c71 .

Now create an other layer, and draw some random white & black forms and lower their opacity.
Try to get something as shown:

The tools used are the Brush Tool , Dodge/Burn Tool , and the Pen Tool  to create paths…
Let’s create the main menu now:
In a new layer, create a vertical rectangle and fill it in with gradient using the settings shown below:

Add the text and add some pinkish flower before every button – use the Brush Tool.
Just as shown:

Next thing  to do is creating the  vertical menu which is:

So create a new rectangle and fill it in with #0484b6.

Using  either the eraser tool either the Marquee Tool, delete some portions of it to get this:

Add the text:

..and the small coloured rectangles in front of every future link:

Let’s create the gallery now.
You must create a shape similar with the one that is shown below, fill it with black and lower the opacity to 40%.

In order to create this shape, create first a rectangle using the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Create the selection and fill it in with black. In a new layer, with the Elliptical Marquee Tool, draw a circle and fill it in with black.
Move it in a similar position to the one below:

Duplicate the layer and place it in the same position but on the right side of the rectangle.
Select all the 3 layers (rectangle and both circles) and press CTRL+E to merge down the layers.
Lower the opacity to 40%.
Now find a nice vivid picture and place it inside our newly created shape:

Select a vivid pink and draw some circles to make them look like arrows:

From this point, you have to create your own design to fit to your needs.
This design is made out of white rectangles with lowered opacity and vivid pictures.
This is the final result:

 For any questions you might have about “How to?” post a comm..
That’s itJ!
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