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Create your own glossy chart pie

Hey fellows. How many times were you in badly need of a glossy pie chart(or any other glossy button for that matter), and you googled desperately hoping to find one not very heavily watermarked?
Well today, I will show you how to create your own pie chartJ

Create a new Photoshop document. I used 500px * 500px.
Fill in the background with any color/gradient you want.
Create a new layer. Now, with the Pen Tool(you can also use the Ellipse Tool and delete the surplus afterwards), you have to create a similar shape like the one in the image below, and fill it in with a gradient. See next 2 pics for reference:

Now open the Blending Options Panel, and use the following settings:

Duplicate the layer, and drag it down a few pixels to create the 3-D effect. Follow the guidelines in the picture below for more info.

Hope it is clear so far. Ok now go back to the previous layer. CTRL+Click on its thumbnail to load the selection.
Goto Select -> Modify -> Contract. Set it to 2 pixels and hit Enter.
With a selection still on,select a white gradient, with Opacity that goes from 100% to 0%, and apply it from right to left.
Lower the opacity to 50% and erase (using a smooth rounded big brush) all the non useful part until you get that small grey-sh band, which is enough to create a glossy effect:

Next thing to do is adding more glow to our pie chart.
At this step will add these white sparkles:

Ok so..first make sure you have #FFFFFF set as Foreground Color.
Set your brush to a 1px soft rounded one. Grab the Pen Tool. Draw small lines following the edge of the first layer. Right-click->Stroke->Check “Simulate Pressure”->Select Brush. Hit Ok!

If you succeded so far, you will have no problem in finishing this tutorial, so now on it will get a bit sketchy, since basically are the same steps.

Great . Now we will proceed to the next slice of our pie chart.
With this one, will proceed in the same way as with the first one.

The only difference will be that the second part will get a bit dodged in the middle..and of course different colors. To copy the colors, open this picture in Photoshop and use Color Picker to select the colors. Again create the white gradient, and the white small lines on the edges for a plus of “glossyness”.
Regarding the 3rd slice, its layers have to be below the 2nd slice’s layers.
So basically, what you need to do, is drag (in the layers pallette) the layers used for the orange slice, below the ones used to create the green slice.
And, to create the pie effect, please – starting with the 1st  layer created for the 3rd slice, drag it slightly to the right as shown:

And that’s about it. I now is really sketchy but this is what I have time for.. If you have any questions though, feel free to email me at pinkzbiz [at] gmail dot com .
Thanks for reading my blog!

Hope this was useful. For any questions about “how to?” or anything else please leave a comment.
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