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Beautiful Clean Online Store Layout. Part II.

You can read all the tutorial! Check out the parts A,B,C,D! ENJOY!

Clean beautiful online store layout. Part D

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Clean beautiful online store layout. Part B

Clean beautiful online store layout. Part A
This is supposed to be a tutorial about how to create an awesome online store layout using Photoshop.
But since I don’t have the time to write it entirely right now, I will split it into more tutorials.
This is the final result:

This layout will be splitted into 4 parts, each part will be widely explained and written, so you – guys - can understand better.





In the previous tutorial I have shown you how to create the header of this layout. You can find it here , if you haven’t read it yet.
Today I’m gonna show you how to create part B, which is:

If you haven’t read the previous part of this tutorial it means that you don’t have the old Photoshop file so you will need to create another one so:
Create a new 800px * 200px Photoshop document.
Fill it with white.
Open a couple of pics and place them into the canvas (try to find some pretty heavy coloured ones)
and place them as shown:

Create a new layer. Set the Foreground color to #a40e10.
Grab the Custom Shape Tool, pick the Seal Shape, and draw a small shape somewhere on your first pic as shown:

Now select the Text Tool, set it to:
Now write something inside of your seal.
I wrote 50% off shipping:

Now with the Text Tool still on, change the writing color to #fe6600.
Add more writing..

Next: select the Regtangle Tool and draw a small rectangle as shown in the picture:

Apply the following settings:

Now you should have a beautiful sleek glossy button.
Grab the Text Tool  and write Sign Up NOW:

Using same Text Tool, write some more text using the settings as follows:
Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to win
THOUSANDS of prizes..
ARIAL->REGULAR->38px-># fe6600;
ARIAL->REGULAR->14px-># fe6600;
Next step:
*Create New Layer. Grab the Marquee Tool(M), and draw a little square. Fill it with #c9e9ef. Open the Blending Option Panel and apply a 1 px #b2b2b2 outside Stroke.
Repeat the step above, but instead of #c9e9ef, fill in the layer with #ffff.
Duplicate the layer 2 times and place them as shown in the pic below:

Now add some numbers and place them over the new created squares.
This is the result:

EnjoyJ! This is the second part of my tutorial. Hopefully I will be able to create the next one sooner than I did with this oneJ
Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or/and Facebook to stay connectedJ!
Thx for reading my blog.

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