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Awesome form for your website. Free .psd available for download

Going through this tutorial you will learn how to create customed brushes to fit your needs, how to use layer masks in Photoshop, and finally how to create this nice simple texas style form.
Layered .psd file available for download.
Have fun!

Preview of final product.

.Google Map printscreen.

Create a new 800px x 600px Photoshop document.
Open your old paper texture - the 1st one in the pack - and resize it to fit the canvas, using the Free Transform Tool(keyboard shortcut – CTRL + T).

Create a new layer. (CTRL + SHIFT + N)
Using the Rectangle Tool (U)  draw a shape and fill it in with a gradient using the following settings:

Change the layer’s mode to linear burn and set the opacity to 54%:

Now using the Pen Tool(P) draw the following path. Right click and select Make Selection.

To make those unselected parts invizibile, we need to use a layer mask.
Click on the “Add layer mask” icon right below the layers in the Layers Palette:

Puff..!! The unwanted parts will disappear.

The best part when using layer masks, is that you can always bring back parts or entire disappeared part..
This is what we are going to do next.
Turn your foreground color to white.
Grab the “Custom Shape Tool”, right click anywhere on your canvas and choose the “5 Point Star” shape.
With your last created layer still selected, draw a small star in the right upper corner on the NOT visible area of it. Make sure you “Fill pixels” option is on, in the upper menu of the Shape Tool:

After drawing the star, this is what happens:

We’ve brought back a small portion of our layer.
Apply an “Inner Shadow” filter using the following settings:

Next we will create the dashed line around this shape:

There are a few steps to follow in order to get this done.
Create a new 20px x 20px Photoshop document with transparent background.
Choose a 4px Hard Square preset Photoshop brush. Set the foreground color to #000000.(D)
Click somewhere in the left side of the middle of the canvas, and while holding Shift drag to right.
You should have a small horizontal line.

Go to Image-> Define Brush Preset. Write the name of your brush and hit Ok.
Close the file without saving it.
Now you should be back to the original Photoshop file.
Using the Pen Tool(P) draw this shape:

Choose  your newly created brush. It should be at the end of your brushes list.
Set the size to 15px.
Press F5 to bring the Brushes Panel on.
Use these settings:

So set the spacing to 598% and don’t forget to select Direction as a control for “Angle Jitter”. It’s important!
Choose # 835c2d as foreground color. Choose the “Pen Tool”.
Right click and select “Stroke Path”. Uncheck “Pen Pressure” if it is checked.
Hit Ok.

Following the same process, create, in a different layer, a white line, crossing the center of your canvas.

Repeat the step to create a red dashed line crossing the canvas horizontally. Use red ad foreground color and a bigger size of the brush.
Add some text, 3 red stars – using the same 5 Pint Star preset star - , and an image of a Google map:

Fonts , sizes and colors:
Get in TOUCH! – Font: Candara – Size: 48px – Color: #663c0a;
Schedule a Visit – Font: Candara – Size: 30px – Color: #c60000;
+458216233 – Font: Candara – Size: 36px – Color: #663c0a;
Kesselboden Ave, 123A
Yorkshire, U.K. – Font: Candara – Size: 24px – Color: #c60000;

To add the stitches on the map, you need to create another brush.
Create a new Photoshop file, 20px x 20px with transparent background.
Draw a “V” shaped brush using the Pen Tool and a soft rounded brush 5px size.

Go to Edit - > Define Brush Preset, give it a name and press Ok.
Close the document without saving it.
Go back to your document.
Create a new layer.
Set the foreground color to #663c0a.
Select the created brush and set the size to 8px.
Press F5.
Set the spacing to 110%, and set the control for Angle Jitter to direction.
Create a path using the Pen Tool that follows exactly the borders of the map image.
To create straight lines, hold down the Shift key.
Press B(select Brush Tool) and press Enter 4 times.
Now press escape to get rid of the path.
Your canvas should look like this now:

Add text in your form.
The x is simply added with text using a dark red color.

The dotted lines are created in separate layers, using a 3px  hard rounded brush, with the spacing set to
91%. After creating the path, select the brush and press enter several times to get the color stonger.

Create a new layer and set the foreground color to #410303.
Select “Custom Shape Tool” and pick the “Arrow 9” preset shape.
Draw it below the field in the form.
Set the blending mode to “Overlay”.
The final result:

This is it..I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did and that it was useful.
Don’t forget to share it if you liked it.
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