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Fantastic Lightning Effect in just a few simple steps

Open up the picture you have just downloaded in Photoshop.

Duplicate it. I always take this step..just in case something goes wrong.
Goto Image->Adjustments->Curves, or simply press CTRL+M.
A small window will pop-up, in which you need to insert the values shown below.

By going through this step you should achieve something like this :

Grab the Dodge Tool (Shortcut “O”). Change size of the brush when going through this process. Light up all the areas pointed by the red arrow.

The last pipe I just couldn’t get it right using the Dodge Tool. Therefore in a different layer I drew a thin white line and I blurred it using the Gaussian Blur. See printshot :

Set your color to #fca401. Grab the Soft Brush Tool, set the size to approx. 400px, and – in a different layer – draw 2 spots of light right on top of the lightbulbs. Like this :

Set the Blending Mode to Color Dodge and duplicate the layer.

For a more dramatic effect, use Burn Tool to burn some areas.
My final result :

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