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Open your picture in Photoshop.

Press CTRL+M to bring the Curves window on. Set the Input to 47 and Output to 0.

Using the “Edit in Quick Mask Mode” (Q) with a small soft brush select the are of the water.
Press “Q” again to load the selection.. Press CTRL + U to bring the Hue Panel on or goto Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation , check the Colorize box, Set Hue to 180, Saturation to 52 si and Lightness to -38.

Go to Filters->Liquify. Using the Bloat Tool, get rid of the extra belly, shoulders, and increase slightely the breast size.

Next, select the “Patch Tool” (J) [see printshot] and get rid of the belly, just like shown below.

If you don’t know how to use it, here’s a short description. Select an area you don’t like and drag the selection toward the nearest area you want to copy..

Using the “Edit in Quick Mask Mode” (Q), roughly select the body area. You’ll gonna give now the chocolate bronze tanned effect.

Press Q again to select the area, and go to Image->Adjustements->Selective Color.
Now you should have Colors set as Reds. Bring Yellows to maximum.
Select Yellows from the drop-down menu, and set Yellows to 50.

Using “Patch Tool” (J) again, get rid of the water drops on her legs.

Add a bit of volume to her hair.

Duplicate the layer.
Usind the “Edit in Quick Mask Mode” (Q), select the hair. Press Q again to select the area.

Free Transform the selection CTRL+T.
Using the Warp Mode, drag the points outside until you reach a similar effect:

Using a Soft Rounded Brush, erase the parts you think don’t fit.

For the next step, we’ll be adding a bit of a “glow”. Grab the Dodge Tool(O), use Midtones to a approx. 50% Exposure, and light-up the areas pointed out below by the red dots:

For the drama effect, we will need a new layer. So go ahead and create one.
Set your Foreground Color to #001836, grab a Soft Rounded Brush, and draw something similar to what is shown below:

Set the Blending Mode to “Soft Light”.
Duplicate the layer.

You’re done J!
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